Is a new kitchen on your Christmas wishlist?

Are you tired of your existing kitchen? Is your family growing and your kitchen just doesn’t have enough space? Are you an entertainer but embarrassed to bring friends over because of your kitchen?

If you fit into any of these categories, contact us to see what we can do to help!

We find that a lot of people outgrow the capacity of their kitchen and think moving is the only option. Thats not the case, and here are just a few ways we can renovate to get more out of the space you have.

First off, most old kitchens had 30” upper cabinets, leaving a space above them that just collects dust. Most of the kitchens we do now have 40” tall upper cabinets which are finished nicely to the ceiling with a crown moulding. Now you gain 12” of cupboard space plus you don’t have to dust above the cabinets!

Another thing we can do to expand a kitchen is remove a wall or two to open up the space and provide a more open concept. If its a load bearing wall we can put in a beam to support the load. We can also expand into a den and use an island that has many drawers for storage, extra work space, and an eating bar.

Lastly, most old kitchens or cheap builders grade kitchens just don’t have useful cabinets. When we design our kitchens we almost always use full extension drawers on all of the base cabinets. This allows you to utilize the full depth of the cabinet and saves digging around on shelves to find what you need. We can also use built-in organizers to help make the most of your space.

If you’d like a nice new kitchen before the holidays it’s not too late. Last year we started a complete kitchen and living room renovation in late October and finished it with time to spare before the holidays. In this case the homeowners were on the verge of moving because they hated their kitchen. They said their old kitchen was far too crowded for entertaining and it also lacked the counter top & cupboard space they needed to store everything. We changed the position of their island, provided an overhang so there was bar seating, extended the cabinets to the ceiling, and changed the layout to better suit their needs. They’ve been using their new kitchen for nearly a year now and say that they love it and are so happy they renovated.