Growing family and not enough space?

If you’re going through growing pains and your house just isn’t meeting the demands of your growing family, adding to your home might be a better solution than moving.  Building on to or extending your home will give you the space you want the way you want it, and it might just cost less than you expect.  Whether it’s a large or small addition, we can help.

Growing pains?

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If you’re planning a major renovation we’ll always do our best to get everything you need within the confines of your existing home.  However, sometimes there just isn’t enough space to fit everything you need.  If this is the case an addition is the way to go.  We can expand your home by either adding another floor, or extending the walls of your house.

When considering an addition there are two options, screw piles or concrete foundation.  The traditional approach was to use a concrete foundation or concrete piles, however, now additions are typically built on screw piles.  Screw piles are a newer construction technique that many people aren’t aware of and there are a lot of advantages over traditional concrete foundations.  Here are some of the advantages: they are a less invasive by requiring no excavation, they are quicker, they are less expensive, and they are stable because the screw piles extend well below the frost line and the addition is built off the existing structure so there are no chances of sagging, heaving or separating.  The majority of the additions we do are on screw piles but there may be some scenarios where a concrete foundation is needed, such as if the basement is also being extended.

When it comes to an addition we will guide you through the process and provide the design, gather the necessary permits, and carry out the construction.

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