Sometimes only a complete makeover will do

If your entire home is dated and needs an overhaul then we can complete a renovation of a whole floor, whole interior or both the interior and exterior of your home.  Doing a completion renovation opens up a lot of options because we can remove and relocate walls, provide a cohesive design throughout, and we aren’t locked in to matching with existing finishings meaning you have more options of materials and finishes.

Renovate once, and avoid "reno creep"

There’s nothing worse than spending year after year renovating one room after another only to have design trends change before you even finish.

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If your whole house is outdated and you have the budget to renovate in one go, then renovating the whole home at once is the way to go.  Here are some reasons to consider renovating the whole house rather than renovating in chunks, or room by room.  For one, renovating the entire house at once allows you to make drastic changes such as to layout, mechanical and electrical, insulation and vapour seal, overall style and design, and even changes to exterior roof lines and window locations.  Secondly, it’s more cost effective due to volume discounts and less time spent setting up and cleaning up.  Lastly, it will take significantly less time meaning more time spent enjoying your home and less time living in a construction zone.

We will help with absolutely everything and make the process as seamless and stress free as possible.  We can help you with the design ideas and planning, we will obtain all of the permits, we will manage all of the trades and quality control, and we will professionally clean up when we’re finished.  We are extremely organized and efficient, meaning your reno will get done in a timely fashion so you can move back in.

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